Client Testimonials



I would highly recommend online training with Andy at Anarchy Fitness. I started training with him just over a year ago and haven't looked back since. What I have achieved so far with Andy's help and knowledge is far more than I ever thought I could. My overall strength, endurance and fitness has improved so much so that in a short space of time I am now able to perform movements I thought I would never be able to do (to give an example pull ups and dips!). I love the fact my workouts are completely tailored to me.  Also through Andy's methods my flexibility and mobility has massively improved and I now understand the importance of stretching, treating this the same as any other workout, including it most days. I have learnt so much from Andy and as a motivator and communicator he is second to none. I have the drive and motivation to get up at 5.30 am, hit the gym and do my workouts weekly. I am always excited to see what he programmes because now I believe I can really achieve my goals. He shares all his expert knowledge and if I have any questions he is on hand to answer them all. His advice on nutrition is great, not complicated at all and the dedication to his Clients is very clear to see. He is energetic, encouraging, fun, committed, inspirational and knows what he is talking about, all the things you definitely want from a PT. I am looking forward to the coming months!



Andy was able to provide the right motivation and give me the determination to; lose weight, get stronger, be healthier and feel better about myself! Andy has a great approach and very much lives what he preaches. He was able to tailor a programme which has not only worked for me but was able to work with my lifestyle and injuries. His approach of making sure everything is sustainable was very important to me and he goes over and above in terms of encouragement, advice and alternatives if something is not working. I now feel more confident to work out, maintain and continue to improve my fitness. Andy has taught me that being healthy and stronger is not about a 'fad' diet or lifting heavy weights. I have achieved great results mainly through body weight exercises and minimal changes to my diet. If you want a personal trainer that is not only personable but also knowledgeable and adaptable then Andy is your man!